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About S.A.Memorial Fahion and Textile College

Established in Dhaka in 2016, S.A.Memorial Fahion and Textile College is today one of the reputed Private university College under Nationa University. From the inception it continues to expand its reach to meet the demands for quality education in the field of fashion and design. The knowledge and skills-based curriculum derived from the National University Bangladesh guides students to attain and explore necessary expertise in the field of fashion and design to contribute for the society.

The curriculum encourages a student-centred approach where learners have an active role in their learning process and develop the skills and ability to make a significant contribution to society. Its particular strength lies in the integration of digital media and ICTs in an array of learning programmes.


Chairperson’s Message

Millennia ago, Socrates claimed that, “To say ‘I know’ is to close one’s mind to knowledge”. Channelling that spirit at S.A. Memorial Fashion and Textile College, our motto is ‘I Am To Learn’, because we too believe that learning is limitless. We aim to develop each one of our students into true learners, individuals who always seek to broaden their perspective and to face life’s challenges with courage and conviction.


Principal’s Message

Student regardless of their age, class, race or background mostly are not like a notebook yet to be written upon. as is mistakenly believed. Each person has his own individuality and his special skills and talents a good educational system helps a student to nurture his talents and overcome his shortcomings. Only by providing appropriate, all encompassing education that will lead to the development of the all-round personality of a child equipped to face the challenges of life in all his future endeavors, we will be able to raise ideal future citizens of our country and the world. Education is a systematic, planned attempt to bring about appropriate development & changes in a student by way of inculcating approved behaviour patterns like thirst for knowledge, acquirement of multifaceted skills and values. While academic excellence is our major thrust, we will provide a platform to the students to showcase their individual talents in all spheres of life.

For us, education is a pursuit that goes far beyond a qualification. While we aim to help our students excel in the course they are studying, we also hope to instil in them a thirst for learning throughout their lives. At S.A. Memorial Fashion and Textile College, our teachers, students, and parents work together to realise this goal.

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